Home and Group Tuition Birmingham – English and Maths

At flourish Education we offer two types of tutoring, home based one to one tutoring and group tutoring.

Group Tutoring

Group Tutoring is an affordable way to get yourself / child personal tutoring and help raise their academic level. Groups are based on the individual’s ability and tailored to their academic level based on initial assessment. We have a ratio of 5 students per one Qualified Teacher.

Home Tutoring

Home Tutoring is available through Flourish Education Centres and is charged per hour per child but can provide invaluable faced paced learning. All of our tutors are Disclosure and Barring Service Checked and checked to the standard of which Teachers are required to work in Schools which can be seen on our Teachers Page.

11+ Tutoring

Competition for places within Good schools is exceedingly high. At Flourish Tuition Centres we take you through the whole process; helping you to decide which schools to apply to, the application, closing dates, Tuition, Mock exams and exam preparation.

The 11 + entrance scheme focuses on the following:


This is where students need to have a good command of the English language both written and verbally. Students are assessed on spelling, punctuation and grammar. Flourish uses Targeting lessons on each of these areas to enable success at the exam.


This covers all types of Maths Technique’s from Fractions, to times tables, to volumes and everything in between. Flourish Tuition Centres provide comprehensive lessons based on exam papers, assessments and through targeting of weak areas to boost your child’s scores.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning is used in the selection process for a lot of Secondary schools but is not necessarily taught in primary schools. Verbal Reasoning is a type of problem solving based around words and language. Flourish Education again provides comprehensive lessons based on exam papers, assessments and targeting of weak areas to boost scores in test.

Non Verbal Reasoning

Non Verbal Reasoning is a part of the 11+ test as it asks questions based on abstract figures which require sequences of shapes or codes regardless of students’ knowledge of English. Flourish Tuition Centres teach children to apply logical deductions and relate objects to each other through targeted lessons and exam questions.

A-Level’s / GCSE Tutoring

As Flourish Tuition Centres are part of the Flourish Education family (Education Recruitment Agency) we are able to offer Tuition in any subject. We have a number of Teachers that are able to teach up to A-level in your home or at our Tutoring rooms.

We are able to provide exam preparation, mock exams and booster sessions.